Institutional clients

At ForexCashbackRebate, we extend our services to institutional clients, managers, and investment companies as well. With our institutional program, you can enjoy a range of exclusive benefits tailored to meet your specific requirements. These benefits include weekly payments, higher rebates, a VIP rate, and dedicated support from experts who understand your needs inside out. Join us now and experience the utmost quality and advantages our institutional services have to offer!

High volume trader
If you're a trader with a monthly turnover of more than 1000 round turn lots, don't hesitate to reach out to us! We have exclusive offers for high-volume traders, including higher rates for your trading activities. Enjoy weekly payments and priority support for added convenience. For those who trade over 1 yard (1 million) round turn lots per month, we offer a special VIP rate. Contact us now to explore the benefits of our premium trading program!
Money managers
Our services are also tailored for money managers, providing you with an opportunity to earn additional income for your dedicated efforts. As a money manager, you have two options :
1) We can generate a personalized link for you, allowing your clients to register directly with us. This way, you'll receive all the earnings.
2) Alternatively, you can invite your clients to join ForexCashbackRebate, offering them rebates as an additional benefit. Through our referral program, you'll earn rewards based on their trading activities.
Feel free to reach out to us for more details and to get started with our money manager program. Let's unlock new opportunities together!
White label solution
Our White Label solution is the ideal choice for large managers and investment companies seeking complete business independence. With our White Label offering, you can enjoy highly competitive spreads and commissions based on your monthly trading volume. Take advantage of this opportunity to maintain your brand identity and operational autonomy. Contact us today with your specific requirements to learn more about our White Label solution and how it can empower your business.
Liquidity provider
Empowering Big Traders: Launch Your Brokerage or Investment Company with Ease. If you require liquidity providers and faster data center connections, we've got you covered. Our solution caters to ambitious traders like you who aim to establish their own brokerage or investment firm. Benefit from our expertise in connecting you to cutting-edge data centers like NY4. Take the first step towards your venture today - reach out to us for further details and information.