How to receive cashback/rebate on an existing account?

Most forex brokers facilitate transfers between and under Introducing Brokers (IBs), enabling you to get cashback and rebates for your current trading account.

This process is incredibly straightforward, requiring only 60 seconds to complete.

Kindly adhere to the outlined procedure :

1. To get Cashback/Rebate you have to first Sign Up for a free account.

2. After free Sign Up you must Sign In in your account.

3. Add your existing trading account number from Brokerage Settings page.

4. Once we review the information, we will send you the relocation instructions via email.

5. Follow the guidelines provided in the email from us and get in touch with your broker accordingly.

6. Wait for your broker's response.

7. Once the transfer is successfully completed, kindly inform us.

8. Upon receiving your request, we will verify and confirm your account.

9. Select your preferred payment method in the Payment Settings section, enabling us to determine the appropriate destination for your Cashback/Rebate.

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